VIP Keira Mason - Summer Vacation Collection - Desktop Presets

VIP Keira Mason - Summer Vacation Collection - Desktop Presets


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Jul 27, 2021
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Summer vacation - the only time we were allowed to eat ice creams and hot chips all day, sit in a blow up pool in the backyard for hours and go on family road trips to the coast. All of the schedules and planning stopped for those 6 weeks and things like beach tips and spontaneous bonfires were all we cared about. When we look back at our old photo albums of this time, one thing is clear… we took photos to remember the moments, and no other reason.

This preset collection ‘Summer Vacation’ was completely inspired by this time in my life. Just like summer vacations are all about spontaneous fun, so is this collection! This film-vibe collection is all about taking you back; back to those hot nights, road trips to the beach; back to the old photo albums and back to taking photos that are unplanned, spontaneous, and that make you smile now and in 20 years time.

So, with this collection, I hope you have fun, I hope you find nostalgia, and I hope it encourages you to take photos of the everyday moments that are ever so special to you.

132174 photovip

236513 photovip

312926 photovip

273853 photovip

220960 photovip

More info:

What's included:

  • 12x Colour Presets
  • 1x B&W Preset
Price: $75.00 | Size: 205 KB (.zip file)

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