CreativeLive - Flash Photography Crash Course

CreativeLive - Flash Photography Crash Course


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Jul 27, 2021
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1 Flash Photography Crash Course Introduction
An introduction to what we’ll be discussing and who this course is designed for.

2 Why Learn Flash?
We tend to think flash is about creating a particular type of image. In reality, flash is all about light control. It’s about opening up any possibility when it comes to your creative vision.

3 Flash Technology Made Easy
We’re going to briefly look into flash gear of the past, and I’m going to show you how simple flash technology has become!

4 Two Flash Setups
Rather than waste your time researching, I’ll give you two great options for your lighting gear. From there I’ll give you an idea of the gear you’ll need based on what you want to do.

5 Understanding Modifiers
What are light modifiers? I’m going to give you a simple approach to understanding what modifiers do and how they manipulate light (before ever buying them).

6 Flash Basics
This tutorial will give you a guide as to the practical differences between flash models while also helping you understand what you specifically need.

7 Setting Up Your Flashes
Let’s walk through a few simple flash setups so you can get out and start shooting.

8 Understanding Flash Radio Systems
Flash radios are easier than you might think. This video offers you a quick guide in understanding how to control off-camera flashes via the built-in radio systems.

9 CAMP Framework
The C.A.M.P. Framework is our simple step-by-step approach on how you can incorporate flash into any scene.

10 Natural vs Dramatic Imagery
Before we start shooting, I want to give you one more framework for understanding how to create a dramatic portrait, versus something more natural.

11 Dramatic Portrait Session
We’re going on location to demonstrate how to use our CAMP framework to create a dramatic portrait.

12 Natural Portrait Session
We’re going on location to demonstrate how to use our CAMP framework to create a natural portrait.

13 The Road Ahead
Lighting and flash photography is a beautiful rabbit hole that will open up an infinite amount of possibilities. This class was designed to get you started, but also to prepare you for the Lighting Series should you choose to dive deeper!

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